Premium Enterprise Support

A Menlo Developer Subscription is a paid program to help you get started with building Menlo dApps the right way, ensuring you're using best architectural practices throughout your project.

Development Support

You can rely on Menlo expertise from the source as our customer success and engineering teams can assist with your development and operations challenges.

Guaranteed Response

We provide support M-F 9am-6pm EST, excluding holidays. We guarantee a response to each question asked via email within 1 business day.

Update Alerts

Menlo will alert your team in the event of any critical security update or critical bugfix to our most recent release. We can also assist with any required changes to your code.

Architectural Review

Subscribers have the option to arrange full day sessions with Menlo staff to go over application design, specific implementation questions, and other areas of interest.

Developer Support Pricing

Production Support

Up to 8 support cases per month


Enterprise Support

Unlimited support cases per month

Architectural review included

Starts at $3,999/month

Architectural Review

A full day session with your team